MI40 Workout Program

The MI40 Workout Program from Ben Pakulski

Twice the Muscle in Half the Time!

Unless you just landed from Mars, you’ve probably been hearing A LOT about IFBB pro Ben Pakulski’s 40-day muscle building program – The MI40 Workout Program that comes with the slogan “Twice the Muscle in Half the Time”.

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In case you haven’t heard, Ben Pakulski recently DESTROYED the competition and placed 2nd in the 25th Arnold Classic. He also claimed the “Most Muscular Award” and the “Fan Choice Award” from the readers at Bodybuilding.com. Now, you too can benefit from Ben’s ground-breaking muscle blueprint.

These are the same training principles that Ben uses with his clients and to prepare for his shows. The results speak for themselves as Ben also placed 2nd in the last Flex Pro and 11th in his first Mr. Olympia.

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MI40 Workout Program

What is the MI40 Workout Program?

As you probably already know, the MI40 Workout Program, or Mass Intention 40 program is the latest muscle building program created by IFBB professional bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski. MI40 is a complete program which includes everything from exercise guides, video instructions, meal plans and a lot more.

The first key principle behind MI40 is tension.

Tension allows you to work out harder and heavier, without adding weight. You don’t need any special or new equipment in order to increase the tension. In the MI40 Workout Program, Ben Pakulski teaches how to use your own body to increase the tension of your workouts. It’s all about being in control of your body, and in control of your workout.

Too many people spend hours in the gym just lifting aimlessly, and getting discouraged when they aren’t getting the results they expect. The word intention, from Mass Intention, can be broken up into two words.

Intent, which is the intent to gain mass and the reason this program exists, along with tension which is the proven method to attain that mass. When you are properly controlling the tension in your workouts, you will get results faster and you will feel more in control.

Having this control and awareness over your muscles is an essential tool in any body builder’s toolbox, and MI40 will teach you exactly how to do it.

With tension out of the way, let’s take a look at the second key principle of the MI40 Workout Program. It addresses the issue of bodybuilders not knowing how much to exert themselves and how much to exhaust their muscles. The principle is called NOS, which stands for Neurological Overload Set.

The idea is to overload your body to create an ideal situation for muscle growth. By taking your body to its limit in a controlled way, you are creating the very hormones which are responsible for muscle growth. By combining Tension and NOS, you are turning your body into an ideal environment for growth.

Basically, NOS teaches you the ideal amount of time for your body to be under tension. After you have completed a set, you immediately drop the weight slightly and keep going. There is a lot more to it, enough to warrant this being one of the key principles of a complete workout package, however this is just a brief introduction.

The reason using the NOS strategy is effective is because it will work to completely exhaust your muscle. It’s a matter of lifting until you simply can’t lift anymore – that’s how you will know that your body has reached the maximum potential for your workout.

To wrap things up, it’s clear that Ben Pakulski is an innovative figure in the bodybuilding scene. By incorporating his own research into this program, Ben has made it unique from anything that is currently out there.

Now that you know a bit about the program, you’re probably starting to understand why there is so much hype and excitement surrounding the MI40 Workout Program.

Who Is Ben Pakulski?

That’s a fair question. If you don’t follow bodybuilding, you might not have heard of Ben.

Ben Pakulski is currently one of the top bodybuilders in the world. He’s an IFBB professional who also happens to be one of the best coaches in the business. He has an honors degree in Kinesiology as well as numerous post secondary certifications and accreditations.

Ben is a guy who knows what it takes to build muscle and can successfully coach people through it as well. There’s even a Ben Pakulski DVD that was released in September, 2010, so the MI40 Workout Program isn’t Ben’s first product.

You will also be able to see Ben in the upcoming documentary “Generation Iron” that followed some of the world’s top bodybuilders as they prepared for the 2012 Mr. Olympia. If you’re a fan of the sport, you have to check out the Ben Pakulski in “Generation Iron”.

You can check out some of Ben’s amazing contest photos and results on his Bodybuilding.com profile.

More Information About MI40

Want to ask a question? You can contact me at info at mi40muscle dot com.

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